Everything Began That Day

"It all began that day. I've had a little adventure. It began as a journey across a dark sea, in search of despair. Away from this country, the ocean was vast. And the islands in it had power that was difficult to comprehend. There were animals I'd never seen before and scenery I could never even dream of. The music played by the waves, was sometimes peaceful. Flowing calmly, enveloping all my smaller troubles. And at other times it was violent. Laughing loudly, ripping delicate feelings asunder. Amidst a dark, dark storm, I suddenly came across a little ship. The ship pushed my back, saying: "Don't you see that light?" Never losing its way in the darkness, that mysterious little ship rode the mighty waves as if dancing upon them. It never opposed the sea, yet the bow continued to point forward, it pointed a finger "Look! There's the light!". History will likely record this as an illusion, but to me it is the truth. And then..."

- Vivi, One Piece

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